Beltoise et Clamens contributes to sustainable management

Beltoise & Clamens

Greedy and responsible catering

We are responsible gourmet caterers

Our company is a family business, generous and committed, we move towards 100% responsibility by taking care of our customers, our team and our planet

A passion for taste and quality

The butcher’s shop, the delicatessen, our meats, our fruit and vegetables… All come from a maximum of local producers with regional products, products of superior quality and specially selected according to our criteria. Complete and responsible gastronomy is possible. We have been around for four generations and it is this passion for the best and the best taste that keeps us going.

We are lucky enough to be able to select our products, fresh products from the Rungis market next to our home.

Our ham comes from the Doumbéa company, the only one to make genuine Prince de Paris ham. This artisanal pork ham will be sliced in front of your guests.

On our buffets, you will taste the real andouille of Guémené. Smoked on a beech wood fire coming directly from Guémené sur Scorff.

Our craft beer is produced in Ile-De-France by the Brasserie Parisis.

The assortment of our artisanal dry sausages, come from the Loste house located in the Paris region.

Our artisanal baker located in Ablon sur Seine was awarded the prize for the best tradition in the Val de Marne.

Masse, the home of duck foie gras since 1884, is our supplier of artisanal foie gras directly from the South West. 

We select our best meat from our suppliers at the Halles de Rungis.

Our fruit and vegetables are 100% organically grown and mostly French.

Our cheese supplier is the Delon company, which supplies us with mature Brie and AOP cheeses.

Well-being, joy and happiness

We offer working conditions that respect the life balance and well-being of our employees (m/f)

Our teams are trained in the protocols of the profession, guaranteeing hygiene and personal safety.

Diversity, gender balance, equal opportunities, equal pay and intergenerational (19 to 75 years old) are part of the company’s DNA

Maxime, a trainee, has just joined the team.

Supplier of table linen

For the past 5 years, this service provider has been our supplier of table linen, and also provides maintenance.

Elis is very committed to the environment, which is why we continue to be involved.

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Laundry products

For the past 4 years, this service provider has been our supplier of detergents and water treatment products.

Ecolab is the world’s number one specialist for the CHR.

Ecolab is very committed to the environment, which is why we continue to be involved.

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Act and protect

We promote eco-gestures with the constant desire to progress. This way, you can finally treat your taste buds to tasty homemade food while knowing that you are contributing to the well-being of our planet.

We select suppliers who guarantee eco-responsible and organic (zero plastic) hygiene and disposable products.

We began the partnership in January 2022.

We are a caterer specialising in wood-fired BBQs, the most environmentally friendly way of cooking, which we have always practised.

Nevertheless, as we are very sensitive to environmental concerns, we had to compensate for the wood used for our BBQs (about 1 ton per year, or 20 steres).

Since January 2022, we’ve been creating our own forest by replanting 25 trees a month in partnership with ECOTREE.

On our website, you can follow the planting counter.

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